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Let's talk!

 投稿者:Rocky  投稿日:2015年 7月14日(火)14時07分27秒
  Dear all,
I happened to find my old BBS (bulletin board system) which enables us to talk on line. I created it when I was teaching at Nagoya Gakuin University. I am glad to find that it is still available on the Internet. I think we can use it for our class. Will you join me?
The site’s URL is http://6113.teacup.com/iwacall/bbs . Please mark it on your computer and write when you’d like to “talk.”

long time ago

 投稿者:is  投稿日:2015年 7月14日(火)13時57分45秒
  I made this site long time ago, and have almost forgotten it. I retired from teaching 4 years ago, and now am engaged in some activities with senior citizens who love to study English. I am wondering if I could utilize this site for them.

virtual classroom

 投稿者:Rocky  投稿日:2013年 7月10日(水)05時46分42秒
  I am surpised to find that this site is still available. I started it some 15 years ago, and am now a retiree. However, I can still teach Engish through this page, can't I? It is thrilling to imagine a virtual classroom where my students and I are connected to make a classroom to learn English.  


 投稿者:iwaoメール  投稿日:2011年12月10日(土)08時48分13秒
  Let me propose a new way to learn English. While at work at university I used the following internet site to communicate with my students. They could write anything or when they had questions to ask. I found that the site is still active and thought it would be interesting for us to use it. What do you think? Iwao Shinjo